Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Autumn asks: Why is a daughter turning 13 more traumatic than a son turning 13??

Songbird turned 13 yesterday. How did that happen?? It was only yesterday she was running around terrorizing her big brother, and driving him nuts, as a 5 year old with an attitude. Time really does fly. And why is this more traumatic than when Bones turned 13? Is it the whole sexism thing? I don't know. Or maybe its because this is the second time around the teen thing...and the first wasn't so smooth.

Had one of those days where nothing was as planned...which is not to say it was a bad day, because it was not. Yesterday we welcomed a new little person into the world! Mom and baby are doing fine, last I heard. Big sister spent the day with us...which was a godsend as Songbird had a couple of friends over and Mighty Mouse wouldn't leave them alone. When Ari got here Mighty Mouse had one of her own friends to play with. Actually all she did was argue at first. It was rather annoying, but they settled in after awhile and played good.

Bones came over for his sister's Birthday meal. It was good to see him. We actually got to hang out and talk for a bit since Songbird hadn't returned from hanging out at the mall with friends when he arrived. Bones is going to switch his major at college to Cyber Security or something like that. Sounds rather interesting. It will add another year of college but we said "Go For It". We will continuing paying half as long as we can.

After all the twists and turns of yesterday I actually went to bed after taking Ari up to the hospital after her grandmother arrived in town and to meet her new brother. She was so excited!

The girls and I (and the dog)are off this morning to Athens for an overnight. We are going to see family that used to live here in Waco also but have moved.


  1. Kellie-Laine will turn 13 in November. I am scared. Very scared.

  2. I get the shakes sometimes thinking of raising teenagers. I have to keep reminding myself that God will give me the strength and ability when I need it! Please, Lord?