Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Autumn asks: Do you ever do the hermit thing?

I do believe I've returned from Hermitville now. It's a thing with me. DH leaves and I hole up at home. Didn't go to church Sunday even. Just stayed in the house with Mighty Mouse. Songbird was gone to the beach with her Girl Scout troop so it was just Mighty Mouse and I from Thursday through Sunday.

Thank goodness for Ladies Bible Study or it might have lasted longer. With Songbird making money helping babysit there was no way I was getting away with staying home. I have no real explanation for why I do this -- but it's been going on for years. You'd think with desert rotation out of the picture here I'd do better. I wonder how many other military wives do something similar.

Today I took the girls to the pool. It would be nice to join them in the water, but with chlorine poisoning that really isn't much of an option. It's bad enough that I haven't set aside the money for the shower filter. But the girls still love to go even if all I do is sit on a chair and read - or attempt to between checking for Mighty Mouse after every sentence. -Angela, it was great to see you and the girls. Sorry I didn't come over to say hello. I'm trying to stay out of the water.

Had lunch with Bones today after his and Songbirds dental appointments. I haven't had lunch with him in forever it seems. He registers for his next semester in August. He is changing his major to Cyber Security or something like that. Sounds pretty interesting and right up his alley.

Tomorrow is another dateless date. My husband has faithfully called me every day to pray. That has been really nice. Gives me something to look forward to.


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm totally a hermit! I can easily go 3-4 days without ever leaving the house, and people find that really weird. I don't mind though. I just like being home, and I think it's nice when you don't have to go anywhere.

    I am completely stunned at the pregnancy pact thing. I mean...I just don't even know what to say!

  2. i thought we were all hermits. at least sometimes. are some people not?!? when life gets hard, i hibernate. sometimes, like sundays, i push past the hermit thing, when it's important. but home is just more appealing than public more often than not.