Monday, July 7, 2014

Hypnotic Windows

I really should try to take better pictures...but I get lazy.

Quilt number 41 is a graduation present of a amazing lady I am honored to call friend.  And her daughter is the spitting image of her. Can't wait to see where this kid goes. Its so fun to watch a kid start out on their adult life.

This quilt top was made of all scraps I had from other quilts.
The back I did pick up the pillow panel of the state of Texas for. Also the long multicolored piece, which I got with another piece for the back then changed my mind. The rest is more scraps.
The binding is actually a piece I had picked up for the next quilt I was making...but I liked the way the colors went with this quilt so I used it here instead.
KL will be going to college in another state so I wanted to send her with a little bit of home.
For the actual quilting I took the easy way out and stitched in the ditch each rectangle and then echoed that shape in the green spaces. Simple but it makes the colored pieces pop nicely. 

I did not get a signature block done on this one as I was 3 weeks behind on it. I did free motion my name into a border. 

This one had not been delivered to its new owner yet as they are out of town. Can't believe I let myself get so behind on it!

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