Friday, July 11, 2014

For the Love of Visitors

I cannot express with words just how wonderful it is to finally live in a home that is large enough to host family and friends comfortably.  I have always been uncomfortable with the thought of hosting holidays and family events because we have always been in such small housing.  And even though its the people that make it important, knowing you can't provide space and comfort is not fun.

We have been lucky enough to have people come visit us here. Each time it happens I love this house that much more.  We not only have the room to host one family, I think we could easily host two inside and a third with the travel trailer since we had the shop wired to run electricity to it.

And the yard/property just begs to be enjoyed. There are several different areas for seating and private conversations, etc.

Spring break this year brought my sister and her kids down for a visit. It has been forever since we have hosted for them.  It was a fantastic visit and we enjoyed them immensely.  To wrap up the visit we headed to Six Flags and wore the kids out with some amusement park fun.
I have also been able to host my friends here in town for a birthday celebration. There are 11 of us so we do need a little room. LOL.  And again, with the set-up of the house, we can all be together or there are plenty of places for several little groups to be visiting together.  Love that.
This summer we had one of our best family visits ever. Hubs brother and family got to come visit us for the first time ever. Mouse's cousin is the same age so they were in heaven. And we hosted a family dinner and had another brother and his family come up to see them also. My son came. My nephew and his wonderful wife came. It was a great big wonderful house full of family from Hubs side that we have never had in our home before.  And it feels good not to be the ones that have to do the traveling all the time anymore!
These four look so much alike--hubs and his brother and our son and his. 
And these two? Thick as thieves and they got along so well. You never really know with girls how it will go from one visit to the next. These guys did great!

Loved, loved, loved this visit. Can't wait to do it again.

So now friends, you know I have the room. When you coming??

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