Thursday, April 24, 2014

Work on the Bathrooms

We pretty much finished the bathrooms finally.  Not that we did a whole lot, but with four to handle it seems like we did.

The master bath will not be done until we do the next flooring upgrade in 3-4 years. We will need to tear the carpet out, change out the bathtub and the counter tops. Low priority.  Although we did put in a towel bar and hand towel rings. There weren't any -- just hooks in the closets. The hooks don't allow for good circulation and the towels don't dry well. I guess the last owners just didn't like to see towels out.

Mouses bathroom we reused the same towel bars and stuff. The light fixture was painted but not replaced. She was the only one that got an upgrade on the counter tops this time around.

The guest bath did get all new fixtures. The old ones were nice, but with a gold base. I changed to silver/pewter tones. I found the new stuff on ebay after checking around town and not finding anything I liked. We don't have the greatest selection on things in a city this size. The lights were also upgraded.

This room and bathroom ended up with a sea or coastal theme. The neat thing about that is we had plenty of stuff to use with having lived in Florida and vacationed there so many times.  I had things that we didn't use anymore but I still held onto because of the significance or memories attached. I'm glad I did.
                                Jar of shells we picked up on Tyndall Beach over the years we lived there.
                                                  Jellyfish paper weight picked up on Galveston trip.
Mermaid picture picked up on Mexico Beach Trip. I did have to buy the frame for this one.

The bath off the den didn't need much other than the wallpaper removed.  It is a big space with no storage though.  And it is right next to the hot tub room so I wanted to be able to store the towels in there.  I don't really liked many of the over the toilet storage shelves and also did not want to put shelves on the wall.

I ended up using furniture in the bathroom.
There wasn't anywhere to put the soap for people to wash their hands, or for lotion or anything else. A day spent hitting the local antique shops found a painted and distressed lingerie chest. And it was priced so low I had the cash in my wallet.  Storage and a place for the soap and lotion.

I also pulled the heavy long curtains out of the window and just left the valance. Since I put the privacy stuff on the windows there was no need for all that extra fabric to hand around and get dusty.

I found an old brass tray to sit on top of the chest to catch any water or soap drips. This was next to nothing on ebay as it was very tarnished. I used my new paste on it and it polished up nicely. The fixtures in this bathroom are brass so I thought it tied in nice. I had a round tray on it first but that just didn't look right.

For the hot tub towels I put and old bookcase in the room and just rolled them up. This bookcase was one of the first pieces of furniture we bough as newlyweds. It was a $19 Kmart press board  disposable buy. It also has survived every move we ever made and 27 years later is still going strong. Unbelievable.

Now I just need a nice plant in there.

They might be the smallest rooms in the house, but it sure was nice to have something finished.  Well, finished with what we have. I'm sure there will be some changes over time, but for now we used stuff laying around and a few purchases to flesh it all out.


(for now)

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