Monday, April 21, 2014

Has It Really Been That Long?

Wow. Seems like I'm making a habit of falling off the face of  the earth.

Really its because life is just so.....ordinary.  I spend more time at home than anywhere else, which limits the stories that I get to turn into sarcastic funnies.

Hubs is gone more than home. Last trip we lost a week to him volunteering to cover for a man that wanted to be home for the birth of his baby. Kinda hard to be upset over something like that. And this time there is a week long school he is attending. When all is said and done at the end of the year I bet his time home doesn't add up to a full 5 months.  Makes for a lonely life.

I hired a landscaping company to do an extreme amount of work around the place. They are putting sprinklers in the garden beds and around the house. Not the yard at this point.  We might add that later. Not this year.  Lots of clean up work and pulling some stuff out and replacing with easier care plants.

My sister and the kids came for a visit. It was awesome. And we ended it with a trip to Six Flags. This was the first time Mouse could ride everything. She rode her first roller coasters. It was funny. She was all hunched down in her lap with her head on her knees, screaming. In those photos they take it looks like I'm in the car alone. But she kept going on the next one and the next one.

Mouse is bringing her grades up now in school. She needed time to settle in I guess. It was a little scary at first as she was doing so poorly. But she turned it around and is doing well now.

I'd say the house is pretty much together now. We haven't finished the shop, but most of the house is set up.

As you can see, this is all pretty tame and lame stuff. I'm going to try and write more simply because I like to get it out of my head...which I accomplish by writing.  But I'm just not finding my voice right now so it will  probably be pretty boring until I find it again. Sorry friends!


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  2. You could always join me on a thankfulness journey. Sometimes I don't have much to say but it is healing to be able to write and thank God for the minutiae in a life that fluctuates between out of control and ordinary. I love you.

    1. How long are you doing that for? I thought it was just this month.

    2. No. I started on the 1st of January - hoping to get 365 this year. I challenged M to do it just for lent and she's not planning to stop. It's life changing.