Tuesday, April 22, 2014


One disadvantage to buying a place with a large house and a large yard is obviously clean-up.

Since we are really on three lots, Hubs knew he needed a lawn tractor/riding mower for the yard.  Of course he does. Who in the world would want to push mow that much grass in Texas 110 degree heat? I think we are a little too old for that at this point.

After a few months I also began wishing there was such a thing as a house tractor. There is an impressive amount of vacuuming that has to go one in this house. After thinking about it a bit I decided to call my sister and ask her about her iRobot. They have a large house and a dog and two kids also. They are also dueling master degrees that research everything before they buy....so it seemed like the perfect place to get a real opinion.

What I learned from her is yes, the automatic vacuums do work as long as you don't buy bottom of the line. You want a more expensive one for it to be worth the time. This is not an item you skimp on.

Well, I really didn't want to spend a large amount of money so I put it off.

The grass that was coming in from the dogs and people was maddening so  I did some searching online. Much to my dismay, the vacuums I was interested in are not something you can shop around and find better deals on. Seems like the price stays within a couple of dollars no matter who carries it. Darn it.  I went ahead and asked Hubs about getting one. Of course he wanted to know what ELSE it did besides vacuum for that price. Hah! Even though it doesn't do anything else, he did go ahead and give me the green light.

I couldn't do it. It costs alot. For a vacuum.

And I held out for another two months before I caved and ordered one.
Meet Jeeves. I love him.  Yes.  I really, really love him.

I ended up with the newest model as all the improvements had to do with hair pick up and not tangling up the system. With two dogs and my massive shedding on a daily basis, this seemed like something to go ahead and pay the extra money for.

Jeeves is amazing. He goes from carpet to tile to brick to wood with no problem. With so many different types of flooring, I was concerned about how well it would work out. No problem whatsoever. He is also programmable so I can set him to run whenever I want.

He does not do my whole house on one charge. Since he is rather thorough in each room this is not surprising. I have him run on program in the den so I can do the rest of the house on the day I clean.

So, for anyone interested in a robot vacuum, I would highly recommend the iRobot. Its not for everyone obviously due to the high price.  Also, if you have a real small house I don't see how it would be a big help. If you have a larger home, the income to make it feasible, and a busy schedule or work hours...then do it. You will not be sorry.

I am not being paid for this opinion -- I just had to share because I love him so much.

Best house purchase since we moved in. 

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