Monday, October 14, 2013

A Stupendous Summer

I've been dragging my feet on everything.  Writing, working on the wallpaper...just about everything.

Part of that was just not wanting to let this summer go.

It was a banner summer.

One of those that come around only a few times in a lifetime.

And I did not want to let it go.

So, even with living in a travel trailer, a wrecked vehicle and the money vacuum that was, 4 housing contracts before one actually went all the way through...

Even with all of that it was just the best summer I remember in a long long time.

We are back in Texas - where we hope to stay from this point on.  We are a civilian family -- with employment.   We are finally home owners again. That alone makes it great.

But on top of that....
There was a trip to the beach! So much fun! I hope next time I feel better and get to spend more time out on the sand -- but it was an awesome trip. There is much to be said for a road trip with your friends.
There was a birthday dinner prepared by someone so fabulous even her shoes taste good! Top that.
There was another birthday celebrated with a weekend trip to Dallas with Sushi!! And a cool New York Loft hotel.
There was a cooking night with all kinds of food that all had green chili. Autumn heaven. No way around it.

There was a houseboat birthday celebration out on the lake....where we got to spend the day eating or swimming or lounging or dancing or jet skiing or....hiding in the shade. LOL

There were trips to Ft. Worth to see family.

A trip to Six Flags with cousins we almost never get to see.

A visit from our friends/family from Nebraska.

And to wind it all up...

...the beginning of a new Bible Study with my friends. The same place it all started.

So you see, I've been in denial that summer has actually ended.

But the weather and the falling leaves can no longer be ignored.

Summer is gone.

But not the memories or the fun we had.

And my goal?
Is to top it next year.

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