Saturday, August 4, 2012

Punching A Time Clock

Songbird has joined the ranks of the working.  Well, she has actually been babysitting this summer so technically that would be her first job, but it wasn't consistent and was two houses down so it didn't feel like a first to her.

Since there is no progress in the job hunting realm, we decided to go ahead and let Songbird apply around close to home.  She doesn't have her license because we can't afford the insurance and she didn't have a job. And we didn't want her to get a job after she got out of school because we are supposed to be leaving. (By the way, this marks month 8 of me saying that. Bet you are as tired of hearing it as I am of saying it.)

Anyways, she put in a whole lot of aps but then got a call pretty much right away. Seems there were people she knew working there and they put in a good word for her. Interview lasted about 10 minutes. They need people when the kids go back to school at lunch rush. Perfect timing for her to apply.

So she was told to show up Friday.  We did have to do a little bit of work as in Ohio you must have a work permit if you are under 18. You get said permit from the school -- and yes it costs time and MONEY. The purpose of the work permit is to keep kids in school. If you drop out you can't get a permit and can't work. I think its a great program on one hand - to keep kids in school. But if a person has dropped out it keeps them in poverty....and many drop outs have babies so I don't like that aspect of the program.

 But Songbird was graduated and is no longer affiliated with the school so it made no sense to me that she would need a  permit. A copy of her diploma, sure, but a work permit? So I know just enough to be dangerous after working for attorneys and found the actual Ohio statute on the exemptions and ran a copy of it up to her work with a copy of her diploma and crossed my fingers.  I really did not want to fork out the money for the work permit...and by law it turns out I don't have to with a diploma in hand.  I'm sure they never had this come up before and that is why they wanted it anyways, but I was nervous because you just don't know how that will go over in a brand new situation like that.

Apparently it was fine and my baby started work. She is so proud.  She is working at a Sub shop that is very close to home.  Close enough to walk if the situation arose.  But we will be working on getting her license since she will have the income to pay the insurance.  And I didn't want her sitting here spinning her wheels in limbo like the rest of us.

So she is a happy camper now. Tell her congrats if you see her.

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