Friday, August 3, 2012

I Shouldn't

But I will because being treated hatefully while being called a hater is just so freakin typical.

The pot calling the kettle black.....

So this whole Chick-fil-A thing is a mess. And if it wasn't an election year, and so many voters weren't frustrated with an administration that ignores the process set in place for government and does what they want while claiming executive privilege, this whole thing would not have blown sky high.  Newsflash: its a whole lot more about politics and frustration and a whole lot less about hating gays where the average Joe in the drive-thru lane is concerned. Just so you know. Although there are always those that are just warped on the subject.

For the record, I am not anti-gay.  And I do not for a minute believe we should be lobbying to have an actual amendment defining marriage in the traditional sense.  That is church getting too far into government and I'm not for that. And I don't understand the Biblical stance on this issue.

But I also believe my Bible is true and correct, divinely inspired and written by men with the hand of God on them. I don't believe it is full of errors because men wrote it -- because again, I believe the hand of God was on them as they did.  That is what I believe.  To believe that it is full of mistakes makes no sense to me. If it has one mistake it is all worthless in my opinion. That is my core belief.

So the whole gay issue I just don't understand.  But I don't have to understand everything. I don't even have to agree. I just have to do my best to live according to my Biblical principles and allow others to live according to theirs.

Because the number one message I get from Jesus in the Bible is LOVE.  It is my job to love. Everyone.

And another really important Biblical principle I do my best to honor is not to Judge.  Judgement belongs to God and nobody else. We are to stay out of that business. So, in my opinion, those that use hate speech or actions against anyone in a same sex relationship deserve to be prosecuted to the full extent of the hate crime laws. I feel the exact same way about abortion.  It is my job to follow my Biblical principles in running my life. That should keep me way to busy to worry about someone else and their principles. And its Jesus' job to save - not mine.

And speaking of judgement, God doesn't rate sin.  A liar is as sinful as a thief is as sinful as a person that covets is as sinful as using the Lords name in vain is as sinful as adultery is as sinful as gossip is as sinful as being gay. Now show me someone in your life that has never gossiped. Get it? Its all the same.  And you don't cut off people that have ever lied or WHY would you do it to someone that is gay??

We ALL sin. I personally sin almost every time I get behind the wheel of a car. I don't pay enough attention to the speed limit far too often.  And sometimes its mindless and sometimes it purposeful -- either way is a sin.  Because we are under government authority and should render unto Caesar.....  I don't make excuses for it.  I don't try to argue that that passage is misinterpreted. I don't say its wrong because I don't understand it. And I don't attack people that do follow the speed limit. 

Another thing the Bible teaches is that non-believers are not to be held to the same standards as believers.  Its in there people.  So why would you go after others that don't even hold to your Biblical principle? We are not supposed to do that.

So there are all kinds of ways that the "Christians" have abused this subject that just are not right.  You pretty much deserve the way you get boxed into a corner and called hateful on that hand. Your only stance should be that you follow this Biblical principle in your own life because its YOUR moral compass. You should not be trying to MAKE others follow your own convictions and religion. You are supposed to be spreading the message of love and good news...not hate.

And now lets turn this around.

Those that hate me and call me names and do hateful things to me because I live my life according to my Biblical principles are every much as guilty of hate crimes as those that do the same thing to gays. So far the media has shown many more hate crimes BY gays and their supporters than to gays in this particular incident. Since most large media groups tend to be pro-gay, this is saying something.

And their hatefulness is something to be proud of? Their hate crimes are acceptable in the name of what? Equality? Fairness? Tolerance??? Two wrongs make a right?

Hate and ugliness is NEVER excusable.  Never. Ever.

And trying to destroy a business because you don't like its Biblical Principles and groups they support? That's different from protesting gay marriage how? Acting hateful in protest to someone you say is acting hateful negates your stance.

These two opposing sides are NEVER going to agree.  And its not just intolerance (well not for most), its Biblical principle vs. non-Biblical (or other-biblical) principle.  The two sides are not playing by the same rule book.  One side CANNOT understand the other because they aren't meeting in a place of common ground.  They can't. They don't even speak the same language.

So how about the Christians do a little Bible study on love, Judgement and holding others to your standards? And the pro-gay stop hiding their hateful acts and language behind "they were mean to me first"?  If each party did these things they would end up leaving each other alone. No amendments against gays and their rights. No destroying businesses for believing in traditional marriage.

Never going to happen.

Because real bottom line is too many people want to be hateful and self righteous. On any side of any issue.

And you can call me whatever name you like. I don't measure my self worth by anyone's standards but my own. And I don't even have to tell you what they are. I just have to live my life by them.

And love my neighbor.


  1. Autumn,

    I'm pretty sure I don't agree with any of your political views whatsoever and my take on whether or not homosexuality is a lifestyle "choice" or not completely clashes with yours. Having said that, I believe this is a really well thought out, well written, logical essay on your beliefs on the issues presented here, and I totally support your right to those beliefs. You done good with this, my friend.

  2. Wendy - I love you. And honestly I think you would be majorly shocked at how many political views we probably have in common. Unfortunately a few of the ones that are most important to me paint me with a conservative brush. Add that to being third generation military brat and living my life by my Biblical principles and most people think that's the whole package. Most of my views on social issues are far from conservative (with the exception of those that I consider religious issues that don't belong in politic at all). If we ever had a "coffee night" I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

  3. I'd love that. But I don't drink coffee! LOL!

  4. Hence the quotations.....I'm a tea drinker myself.

  5. I stayed out of the CFA thing, mostly because we have some very personal ties to CFA itself. But I think that you stated what I felt very well. If we, as Christians, can't live what we claim, which is love - NO MATTER WHAT, then we have a problem. We do not have to agree, (and I hope that in a free country we continue to be allowed to peacefully say that we disagree), but if we do not show love then we are not showing Jesus.
    Where did He like to eat dinner?
    I think He might have gone through the CFA drive-through and taken it to some places that most of us like to forget even exist.