Monday, December 19, 2011

The Grinches Steal Pre-Christmas

Oh yes we did.

You see, at my house I'm pretty easy going about the kids rooms.


If I tell you to clean it up... you need to do it.

And I will go through this until I get tired of it.  Usually this is at least three times.  With Mouse its more like three thousand.

And everyone knows that you don't want to push mom that far.

Because I clean with trash bags.

And I don't put it away to bring it back out later.  If I had to pick it up...its GONE.

And now Dad...otherwise known as Mr. at home all day and he is going CRAZY about the room.

And I admit it...I have been putting it off for about 2 1/2 months.  I've been dreading it that much.  I couldn't even get in there to tuck Mouse in.

Think I'm kidding....
I think she pulled the trundle bed out because there is no more room on the bed.

So Hubs and I went in there today.  And I really didn't want to even though it was so far beyond time.

And 5 Goodwill bags, two trash bags and a doll house and a toy box later...

We were done.  And we deserved an afternoon cocktail for THAT! Not that we had one....I'm just sayin'.

And Mouse was okay with the transformation until just before bedtime.  And then she couldn't find certain things and started her major meltdown.  

And of course she received the "told you so" lecture and yada yada.

But the guilt has set in.

And even though Christmas shopping is looks like we are going to have to go buy a toy or two. Because we realized after all of this that she is not getting a single toy for Christmas.  (Which is mostly because she wants a Barbie Dreamhouse and its just too expensive. The other things on her list are more practical or electronic related.) 

Man I'm really turning into a sucker in my old age.


  1. That's how Jay & KJ's room looks most of the time! Ya'll did a GREAT job! Hope you had that cocktail after the little one's went to bed, ya'll deserved it! =D

  2. I totally would have done the same. I probably will with Squirt, but the Tongginator AKA Clean Freak, has a spotless room and spotless hand-me-down clothes. Squirt, however, loves to toss things. Everywhere. And smear food in her hair. Normal stuff.

  3. I've never had a neat freak. It would be nice for a change. Although our son really wasn't so bad. And as a teen the middle child is much better than when she was younger. But Mouse? She's a hard nut to crack. Hope Squirt is NOT like her!! LOL