Tuesday, December 20, 2011

7 Years Ago Today

7 years ago

has it really been that long?

since they placed an 11 pound baby in my arms

a baby that was almost 8 months old

and should have been twice that size

but wasn't

and should have been sitting

but wasn't

and should have been eating some solids

but wasn't

a child that was hyper vigilant even in her sleep

Who was beyond upset if anything in the house changed while you were asleep

who would not take anything resembling solids until you were 12 months old

who was afraid to have me out of sight...for years and years

Is that really the you from 7 years ago?

Its all starting to fade.

Because you have shed that cocoon.

And you have begun to spread those wings and fly

Like the beautiful butterfly you were always meant to be.


soar up high

on the gentle breeze

and through the howling winds

show us all

your beauty and strength

that was hidden within for so long

What a miracle you are.

What a joy you are.

What a spirit you possess.

Live hard

and love well

my beautiful princess.


  1. She is more beautiful every day, and I can't wait to see (hear) what she does next!

  2. That gave me the chills. Beautiful words for a beautiful girl.