Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Are My Teeth Pulled Out

Because things can't just get easy.

Mighty Mouse will be 8 this spring.

And she has yet to lose any teeth.

Which really didn't bother me as Songbird lost her teeth late.

Okay - So Songbird got so tired of waiting and she pulled a tooth out.  Or at least most of it. I had to pay to have the rest of the root removed. Oh yes I did.


Mouse has complained loud and often about the lack of progress on the tooth fairy action.

 We assured her that it would happen in its own time.

And then she started complaining of pain last week.  So I checked out her mouth.  And there were two pearly whites broken through and growing in on the bottom center.

Well behind the baby teeth.  Which were not the least bit loose.

And I may not be a dentist...but I know that four front teeth on the bottom is not a desired look.

So our dentist was awesome and gave us an immediate consultation....which led to an immediate extraction of the two baby teeth.  And those suckers were in there.  And left bloody gaping holes. But, she now has the correct number of teeth...which should also move forward now that the other baby teeth are out of the way.

But of course I was told it would be a good idea to go see an orthodontist. (Anyone remember I just got the teen out of braces this month???????) And of course Mouse has an issue with needles so we use gas on her.  Which government insurance does NOT pay for.  So with the crappy insurance percent paid and 100% of the gas price - well, it wasn't cheap. Especially being jobless.  

But an excited Mouse told me she was going to write the tooth fairy a note for under her pillow.  Okay.

Except when we read it...
...she actually asked the tooth fairy for Bath and Body Hand Sanitizer and glitter lip gloss.  Like it was Santa Claus or something.

Guess we didn't talk much about the tooth fairy around here.  Either that or her friends have one rockin' tooth fairy visiting their house.


Enjoy those four quarters kid.

Cause the other tooth fairy visits our house.


  1. I'd have to go along with with you one this subject. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

  2. Isn't this the cutest? She might have confused the tooth fairy with Santa. Hehe. It's a good thing those milk teeth were pulled out.

  3. Your daughter’s letter to tooth fairy is so endearing! It is so touching to find out that even during this modern era, kids still believe in Santa Claus, and adhere to the custom of asking gifts every Christmas. But it seems that she has mistaken Tooth Fairy to be the same person as Santa Claus. Anyway, whether her letter is addressed to Santa Claus or Tooth Fairy, your little girl really deserves to receive a gift for enduring the pain, which she experienced due to broken teeth.

    Claudia Ortiz