Saturday, October 15, 2011


One of the best things about Ohio are the State Parks, woods and Girl Scout Camps. It is very beautiful here and the state is proud of it. They offer so many programs for kids and adults. It will be very sad if all the budget cuts kill off these programs.

Last weekend we had a fun Scouting adventure at one of the GS camps. It was an Orienteering/Maps learning weekend. There were offerings for all age groups except Daisies.  I wore a different hat this time as I was not needed with my older girls -- I got to go as just Mouse's mom and an extra set of hands. Well - maybe I was a little more than that since we had a camp fire at lunch.

The little girls did some fun map activities for a couple of hours and then we had lunch. Hot dogs over the fire. Some of the bigger girls taught fire safety to the littles.  After lunch the girls did a scavenger hunt following directions put together by the older girls. Then came the thing they all came for.


This bunch of girls LOVES to get down and dirty in the creek. And even though Mouse was sick 2 days earlier....she was ready to go that day.

Part of the appeal of creeking is to find a clay bank and COVER themselves in clay.  This weeks bank was a green clay so it was interesting.

Right now Mouse is fascinated with make-up so she decided the clay was her make-up.  Oh what a job she did on her face.  My personal favorite was the "mascara".  I had to inform her that mascara does not belong on the eyebrows also.  (Especially not extra large and crazy Chinese eyebrows, thank you very much.)
 And I should be given the Mom of the Year Award. Because when she asked if she was beautiful, I said yes.  When what I really wanted to say was: "No, you look like a Chinese Oscar the Grouch."  Because she did.

Just sayin'.

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