Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lil' China Love

For those of my readers that also follow Tonggu all have heard the fab news that they finally received their referral.

It was like FOUR YEARS in the waiting. Is that not crazy???

A wait like that really deserves some recognition. Way to hang in there guys!!

And this fall or summer (excuse the brain damaged memory) my mother sent me a box full of the left-over material from Mighty Mouses 100 Good Wishes Quilt. I used some of it for a charity quilt, but still had so much left over.

So of course I had the brilliant ideal of making a Referral Gift for TM and Co. out of that stash.

I had one piece that was a decent size and had a scene on it that I really wanted to use for the middle. And I had a decent size dragon piece for the back border. So I started playing with it and this is what I got... Lil China Love:

As there is no absolute guarantee that the baby will be a girl I did not get too girly. Bright yellows and blue and reds are the dominant colors on the front...
With a green waves pattern on most of the back. See the dragon piece in the light blue? It is the coolest fabric.
A close up of the children on the center front. I love this fabric. It came after we had MM's quilt already cut so I didn't get to use it. Then I thought I'd make a dress out of it ... but I never got around to it. So glad!
This was my first serious try at a free motion quilting pattern of Leah Daey's. Its called bamboo forest or something like that. I did it on the outside borders. It was a real good one to start with...not REAL easy but not excessively hard and it is very forgiving.
The green waves backing.
I struggled with the border. Finally I found a bright red with a vine pattern on it that worked well with the other reds....and helped keep the quilt from being too girly "just in case".

And there she is. I am auto posting this on a date they should have the quilt I hope they already do and this is not ruining the surprise. Its been very hard to keep quiet as I LOVE the way it turned out ...and its been done since December!

Congrats friend!

(Better pictures)


  1. GORGEOUS! She will love it! What a sweet gesture!

  2. Very beautiful and I love the fabric! Do you know which manufacture for the middle fabric on front? Love it and I want some too! ;-)


  3. You are just so darn good with quilts, you whip out one gorgeous one after another :)

  4. Oh my gosh that is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! TM is going to LOVE it! Do you sell these?

  5. Gorgeous and how nice of you! Could you please tell us where you got that center fabric? Thank you, Cathy

  6. I've had a couple of people ask about the center fabric on the quilt. I'm afraid to say I can't give you much info. I bought it 6 years ago from eQuilter online. I don't have a name or a selvage or anything to give anyone a clue who made it or what it was called -- but since it was so long ago I doubt anyone would find any more of it anyways. So sorry!!! Isn't it just an awesome fabric??

  7. What a fun quilt and gift. I love it.

  8. it is absolutely beautiful!!!!

    Can't wait to finish mine :)