Sunday, November 7, 2010

So How Many Days Have I Lost?

Of course as soon as the girls got hereI got sick. And it was one of those that you would wake up and think you were feeling better.....for about an hour. For days and days.

Then we had to put the van in the shop. Thankfully that turned out really well as we thought it was oil we were leaking and the vehicle is not even paid off yet. And I have to make a trip to Nebraska this month in it. But all turned out well. It wasn't even as expensive as I was thinking it was going to be. Not that it was cheap...but it wasn't devastating. But we were down to one car so on the days I was feeling well enough that we could have done something.....we couldn't.

And then we had to hang around while the fence guy put in the fence. Lost 2 days there.

And then we had to put the Durango in the shop and we are back down to one car again which is keeping us pretty much house bound. And since they first ordered the wrong part....and then found out they dont make the part anymore...etc. Well, we won't have that car back for awhile.

But Hubs leaves TDY Monday so at least we wont need two cars for a bit.

(Hubs job has him needing a vehicle many times so its not like its easy for me to just take him to work and pick him up.)

Mom arrives Tuesday to stay with us for almost a month. She will watch all four girls for me while I leave town for 5 days. Then she will watch my two while I take the girls home after I get back.

When I return from Nebraska mom will return home and it will be December the next day.

Yes, this November will be a lost month. So, all of my Christmas gifts that must be mailed are bought, wrapped and boxed and will be sent rather early this year. Hubs gets to hand deliver Bones' presents on this next TDY which will save us a bundle on shipping. His presents tend to be heavy as I stuff them full of snacks and other food stuffs also.

The only thing I haven't done is our yearly Christmas letter - which I usually do on Thanksgiving or the day after while all that football mess is hogging up the tv. So I'm not sure that Christmas Cards will make it out this year as I'm not even sure where I will be on Thanksgiving.

And I refuse to complicate the month of December.

The girls have been able to go with our Troop to a really cool paper making class with a great lady. She has had a home business for 26 years doing fun papers and stuff. I was surprised that all the age groups (10-15) loved it and had a great time. I've even had requests to go again.

We also helped the Troops sponsor church (where we have our meetings) by helping to serve at a spaghetti feed they put on. The girls ate their weight in desserts for their trouble! LOL!

Hopefully we will get the girls out a little more for some fun this coming week.

But at least they are getting their schoolwork done!


  1. It was never meant to be a vacation. Take care of yourself. Even on the "down" days, I know the girls are enjoying being there. Thank you!

  2. Isn't it scary how the time just disappears sometimes? Scary I tell you! Sounds like you are staying on top of things, with the gifts bought, wrapped and ready to mail. I am impressed. Even if Nov is "lost", it doesn't seem that you are behind at all!
    Tell the girls hi from me, and like Tricia said, I am sure they are having a blast. A change of scenery is always nice, and they have Songbird to keep them busy too.

  3. Glad to hear the car repair wasn't too horrendous.

    I know what you mean about losing days. We re re-doing our kitchen and I'm dreadfully aware that November will be lost to hind sight this might not have been the best time of year for this project! LOL