Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Even Gorgeous Movie Stars Have a Bad Day

Apparently, even gorgeous movie stars have bad days and get fired.

But I'd really, really, REALLY like to know WHAT exactly it was Barbie got fired for....

See, I had just returned from a week in Texas (yes I did run away from home and leave my mom to take care of my two PLUS two more), and I happened to look down and see this note about Barbie.

And I was intrigued. And horrified.

And nervous.

So I showed the hubs the memo about Barbie.

And we laughed.

A lot.

And so we asked Mighty Mouse about that bad day.

And didn't really find out anything more than how she loves to copy pages from a book. (Which we knew).

So this morning I went and found said book.

And was never so glad to see Paris in my life.


  1. Ha! Ha! Ha!

    I do kinda think Barbie should be fired from the doll business. That or at least have her gain a little weight.

  2. LOL !! Too cute!

    I agree with Wendy though. Barbie needs to gain some weight!