Friday, November 19, 2010

Presidental Annex

A new discovery for me -- the Presidential Annex to the Air Force Museum. Hubs found out about it recently and had us meet him over there yesterday before lunch. It was really neat to be able to crawl around in planes that have flown several presidents around.

There were also many other kinds of aircraft to see. I love this little "Air Jeep". It looks like something from a cartoon. It could be stripped and collapsed down - weighing only 300 lbs. But made too much noise to be practical for its mission.
There were several other rocket looking jets and experimental planes. Fun stuff. Its easy to see why people thought they saw UFO's when these things were being tested.
If anyone is ever in the Dayton area they really should stop in and see the Air Force Museum. It really is amazing.

And free!!

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