Tuesday, September 7, 2010

20 Random Things That Make Me Cringe - In No Particular Order

TonnguMomma over at Our Little Tongginator did a post on 20 random things....

And I have nothing to blog about right now so this seemed like a good way to waste some time and put off doing housework that really needs to get done. I just don't wanna.

So here goes...20 random things that make me cringe...that you didn't want to know about anyways.....and are all about me so don't get offended.

1. Overweight women in bikini's. The real little ones. Having lived by the beach for several years I was shocked quite often at what the soft bodied will wear and show. Wow. We really didn't need that. Just sayin'.

2. People driving while talking on the cell phone. Or texting. My only close calls in the car the last 4 years have been with such individuals. You know, when hubs grandpa was in an accident his dentures where knocked down his throat (and took x-rays to figure out). Wouldn't it be poetic justice for cell phone talkers to have their cells knocked down their throats when they cause an accident? Just sayin'.

3. Kids with green snot thick as playdoh at the bus stop. Half of its on their face, part of its on their sleeve, some on the coat, crusty hands. That didn't all happen since leaving the front door. Keep that kid home or teach them to wipe their nose on a tissue. Or what about handkerchiefs? They still make them you know.

4. Looking in the mirror. Usually I'm pretty good at avoiding this....but occasionally a mirror will sneak into view on you...and you get a good look. No words. No words.

5. Teenagers who scream "you hate me" and then burst into tears. Seriously? I guess it could be worse...it could be "I hate you".

6. Children in inappropriate shoes. Do not show up for hiking or physical activity in flip-flops. It shows a serious lack of intelligence. Usually on the grown-ups part...

7. Words on the butts of clothing. I'm an obsessive reader. My eye is drawn to the written word.... and reading off someones butt is gross. LOL!

8. The stay-at-home vs. working debate among women. Why do people have to tear others down for doing something different. Lets do something new and exciting and actually help each other out and support each other instead.

9. Children that run around or scream in restaurants. Parent much?

10. Rude and aggressive behavior directed at minimum wage workers behind the counter. 9.5 times out of 10 the issue is not their fault, nor can they do anything about your bad day. Have a heart. Grow up. Take it to the appropriate level and stop kicking the dog.

11. The price of orthodontic care.

12. Any statement or conversation that starts with "I'm not racist but....".

13. People that think living through being made fun of or singled out for something is the same as racism. Its not. Enough said.

14. School supply lists and bogus school charges.

15. The chance of getting crapped on by birds out of nowhere. (Tell me I'm not the only bird crap magnet please!)

16. The realization that my daughter is just months away from learning to drive.

17. Tests of any kind.

18. Hateful political rants. Enough already. There are plenty of valid point to discuss....try it without the hateful or aggressive words and body language. And screaming is so not gonna help your cause.

19. Folding and putting away laundry.

20. Wondering where we will end up next.

And now...off to do some laundry.....



  1. I vividly remember the time my best friend's parents invited all their close friends to the ice cream shop to tell us they were going to have a baby. My friend and I were seniors in high school. And a bird pooped on my leg.

  2. A bird crapped on my shoulder once, but I didn't realize it until I turned my head and dragged my hair through it. Then the wind whipped my hair into my face. You can imagine the rest.

  3. I am also an obsessive reader. If there are words, I am going to read them. I can't stand shirts with an entire book on them... I end up staring at some random person's chest too (as well as random butts) Two words on a shirt - okay. An entire book, not so much.
    The inappropriate shoes thing - well, some days I am just glad to get shoes on Zion at all , so I won't comment on that one too much!

  4. BwwaaaHaHaHa! As to #15... it's happened to me twice. Once in junior high school. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.