Saturday, March 13, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Have you heard of Quilts For Kids, Inc.? They are an organization that will send you a free quilt kit to put together for a child in the hospital. You supply the batting, put it together and send it back. They also ask you to donate one of your own creations if you can in the return package...although it is not a requirement.

This snapshot is of the finished quilt from the kit they sent me. I currently have 5 other quilts in the works so I'm not sending a second quilt in at this time.

The kit comes with all the materials, mostly all cut out, and a set of instructions that are very well written. They are quick quilts. They ask you to make sure and machine quilt (alot to stand up to the hospital washings) and no hand ties. The only thing I don't really like about the instructions is the requested zigzag stitch around the border. It's a practical request because they are trying to avoid snagging the IV lines and such. I just think zigzag is ugly -- but that's a personal opinion.

If you ever considered doing charity quilts but were held up by the cost, this just might be the way to go. The price of batting, thread and return shipping will be your only monetary commitment. So, if you have about $10 (use that Joann's coupon!) and time to give...check out their website and order your free kit.

And don't forget to share if you do!


  1. Even though it's still Friday.... I so love this idea!

  2. I have no ideal why it posted on Friday instead of Saturday -- it even says Saturday in the posting date.

    No clue and too lazy to fix it.

  3. What a fabulous idea. I will definitely pass this along to my sister. I may try one myself in the future...
    Your's looks great.

  4. That's a wonderful thing you are doing. The quilt you made looks great too.