Monday, March 15, 2010

Single Minded To A Fault

Mighty Mouse has a birthday coming up in April.

So, we started working on her about what she wants for her birthday about November. Yes, I know that is prior to Christmas....but this kid is tough.

See, MM gets one thing in her mind and her whole life is consumed by it.

I am totally relieved to say that the pumpkin phase seems to have faded into the background. Whew. That really just wasn't all that fun. I mean, try coming up with bday presents in April and Christmas presents that are pumpkinish. And yes, I did find a pumpkin baby swaddling blanket for my three year old for Christmas....and it was her favorite gift. Even though she was 2 years too old for it.
And yes she did get a pumpkin as her yearly ornament at Christmas. Can't wait to see her explain that one to her own kids one day.


So this year it is back to ladybugs. They have been around since the beginning of favorites for her and now they are back with a vengeance. She wants ladybug stuff for bday. She wants to be a ladybug for Halloween (yes, this last year she was a pumpkin). Sigh.

So we have been trying to suggest other things. Not going to well. When she does have an interest in something else....its either too expensive, not age appropriate or just bizarre.

For instance....her big want that does not have anything to do with ladybugs?

Not kidding.

Every time that stupid commercial comes on...she comes running to mom or dad to tell us she wants them. And we think she is nuts. At first I thought there must be a new commercial for kid bumpits that she was getting all excited about. Not so. It's the regular old adult bumpits.

So, guess its back to ladybug hunting.

The ladybug cake pan has been purchased.
(Note to self - get one of those candles shaped like a 6 per request.)
Ladybug wrappers for mini chocolate bars for her class (red and black frosting was sounding like too much of a cupcake nightmare for the school carpet) are on order.
Little petshop ladybug - check.

She has also requested a new lunch sack....and yes I did find a ladybug one.
And the ONE thing she requested (that I would actually buy) that is not ladybug? A purple backpack. Oh joy!!! Can you see me dancing around the room overjoyed to search for something that is NOT red and black! Seriously! I was THANKFUL for that request!

And the ladybug Converse she wants? Hah. Not. I'm not paying $30 for a pair of shoes for a kid her size. Summer will come and it will be impossible to get her into anything but sandals anyways.

So this year is pretty much done. The one request I have been unable to locate is a ladybug belt. I give up on that one.

But I have to tell you.

I live in fear of what the "new thing" will be next year.

That, and Bumpits.


  1. THAT is one scary pumpkin ornament... and now I'm wondering if she might also like a homemade snowman that resembles a Jack o' Lantern, courtesy of an eight-year-old husband. We call it the Jack O' Snowman. I've been trying to get rid of it for years, but the Husband won't budge. If it were to go to a good cause, however, I might win...

    The Tongginator got a ladybug lunch bag for her birthday this month, too. Great minds (in this case you and my SIL) think alike.

    But the Bump-its? BwwwaaaaHaHaHaHaHa!

  2. My Little M is just like this. She doesn't get stuck on a particular thing (like a ladybug), but on a particular event or idea and everything we need to plan it! The Bump-its thing CRACKED me up. Little M has been mentioning the ShoeUnder to me and called me into the room this morning so I could see the commercial. The power of the infomercial.