Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Snow!

I. Don't. Like. Snow.

I don't like cold.

Most of my growing up and early adult life consisted of living in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Florida.

Now that rocks.

But, just for laughs (I'm quite sure.) God likes to throw me into the snow. Maybe He is working on something in me... Who knows? The lesson, whatever it is, is obviously lost on me.

I still want my warm weather.

From Florida, we were sent to Iceland. We had to get an extension date because not a one of us owned a coat or gloves or hats or any weather appropriate clothing. That's a lot of money to spend right away. Luckily they did give us an extension date and we were able to buy what we needed before getting on the plane. But how sad was that????

Then we were sent to Nebraska. And even though we went through one storm like nothing I've ever seen in Iceland, overall Nebraska was far worse that Iceland. Plus we were there alot longer.

But by Nebraska Bones was 11+. Perfect snow shoveling age. Hah.

Now we are back in the north. And Bones is tucked away all safe and warm in Texas at college. I did text him and tell him my driveway and sidewalks need to be shoveled. He told me his car didn't like Texas cold so it surely wouldn't like Ohio cold. I told him that was no problem as we lived on the back side of the he could walk to class. And he told me that unless dad had changed the no piercings and tattoo rules, he was quite safe and not coming back home.


So, yesterday I put on my big girl panties, shoved the girls outside and we shoveled.

For two hours.

And did I mention I had been successful in never once having had to shovel until yesterday? But I just couldn't imagine Hubs coming home from a full days work and doing all of it...after having back surgery. There was just too much. Even if it filled up half again, it would still be easier.

The really nice thing is that Songbird was not only a huge help, she did so without the normal whining and crying that accompanies these types of chores. I'm thinking that folding on the cell phone and putting her on a plan is working WONDERS around this house. I should have figured this out MUCH sooner. Cause I'll be honest...the first thing I reach for in any given situation is that phone. And you would think I was KILLING her when I take it. She straightens up rather quickly. That SO rocks! LOL!

Anyways, we only had two shovels.

And this would be why Mighty Mouse is so much the mouse that roared. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. She might be rather a silent type...but she gets things done. So, when there was no other shovel to be had she was rather put out. She watched me grab the broom to clear off the van and decided she could work with something like that.

And she spent two hours mopping the driveway, sidewalk and even the street. (I'm thinking I'd better put "new mop head" on the grocery list.)

And I let her. Because she was so industrious and busy with it all that I wasn't going to stop her.

And just so my DC friends, who are rolling their eyes, know - I so get that my amount of snow is NOTHING compared to the nightmare that is your life right now. I feel for every one of you and would fix it if I could! Just know I'm sending lots of WARM thoughts full of sunshine your direction! I would so sit there and cry with you. Over a warm cup of tea.

Oh - and just to add insult to injury -- even though we actually have water (which is more than some people can say), we must boil everything as our water has been contaminated. And I know this is not that bad....but getting it through kids heads not to brush their teeth or whatever with anything other than boiled water is not an easy feat. Last thing we need is a gut bug!

Stay warm my friends!


  1. At least MM looks like she is having fun! Shoveling is my least favorite part of snow, right next to driving in it and being cold. Why, exactly, do I choose to live in NE?!?
    Missing you.

  2. Shoveling snow can be quite a workout!! You can admit that you secretly enjoyed it. It's ok. :)

  3. Aw, thank you. We DCers appreciate it. And shoveling snow ALWAYS stinks, no matter how many (or few) inches it is. It just stinks more when there is more, but it stinks no matter what.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I'm so glad I can finally load yours so I can stop by and visit you. If you ever need any help when it comes to quilting, give me a shout. You can also get my e-mail from Tricia. Hugs

  5. The funny thing is that my sister, in Dallas TX, has something like 10 inches of snow right now... What are the chances? Even TX is not safe! S. GA on the other hand, we just have rain. Boo hoo.

  6. Whew! Stay warm. Looking at all that snow makes me cold! I can't imagine. MM looks so cute!