Friday, February 12, 2010

Food Class Friday

It's a shame I missed last Friday as today's meal would have been perfect for the Superbowl! I mean really, lots of guys and lots steak! Perfect combo!

Yes friends, today's recipe is Frankfurters with Sauerkraut.
And since you stick those toothpicks in the ends its easy for your guests to reach on in there and grab their meat...but you might want a spoon for that kraut.

Now, our recipe shows those toothpicks colored green by food coloring...but you could get creative and color your toothpicks to match your favorite teams jersey! Now how's that for team spirit????

And for the truly creative, instead of that super easy frankfurt sculpture in the middle...maybe you could actually make goal posts! Or maybe even your teams mascot! Now wouldn't that be a sight!

I do think it should be pointed out that green toothpicks and casserole dishes are NOT a good substitute for green veggies. This meal is rather too white. Instead of potatoes and bread sticks as a might want to try some more colorful veggies.


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