Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Fae

A Fairy Blessed Me

Today a Fairy blessed me and danced upon these walls
Left a scent of roses as she beckoned to my calls
Gave me comfort, and wiped my tears
blessed my mind of all those fears
Touched my eyes so I could see
Whispered softly, "Blessed Be"

(no website, written by Katie G. 1-28-05)
copyright© 2005 Katie G

It's all about the Fairy's at my house right now.

Songbird is in the high school play next month. Practices for high school kids are insane. Did you know that? I didn't as I was about as dramatic as a stick of wood growing up.

Most schools are seeing so many budget cuts, that the arts take a big hit...so the money can be funneled into sports. Sad but true. This can make outfitting a play interesting.

Songbird got a part as a vine fairy in the play. They are doing Midsummer Nights Dream with a western flair (!?). She asked for a small part...which was kind of weird after her Aladdin performance. Anyway, she needed a costume. So, since the sewing machine is being used quite regular lately, I figured I'd do my part of supporting the play by offering to make her costume. Songbird found a pattern she liked and took it in for approval.

Approved. And a request sent home to make one of the other fairies costume as well with the same pattern.


(Deer in the headlights look.)

So I sent word back that I am no seamstress. I can follow a pattern but really making it fit is not my thing. I can't alter or whatever. (See, I don't even know the language!)

And word was returned that the seamstress can do any altering....material is on the way.


I KNOW better than to leave myself open like that!!!!!! I straight-forward NO is my specialty!

So I ended up making 2 costumes.

I did mention that I'm not real talented on the sewing machine right? I mean, I'm having a ball with the quilts....but people don't WEAR them!!!! In a play. With other people watching. (And the meany in me doesn't mind if MY daughter looks dorky....but I don't want to do that to someone else's daughter!!)

I finally finished the costumes last night. The costume parade is Saturday so I need to get the other costume to the seamstress for some finishing touches. (And I stayed up until 1 last night to get it done so Songbird could take it in today...and she forgot it. Brat.)

Songbird picked a deep forest green as she is the vine fairy. The overdress is a cool shimmery green with all these little goldish/rainbow color dots.....looks like dew. The bodice is lined with leaves. (Ok! I admit it!! I can't handle that much chest showing on my baby so I added a little more coverage with the leaves. Guilty.) The costume is actually 2 parts. There is the overdress of a see-thru material and a slip dress underneath.
Sonbird decided not to cut the slip in fringe also. She also left the sleeves uncut. Looks cute on her.
Sorry about the lousy pictures. I took them on my phone and the light wasn't good.

She has some awesome wings we ordered also. And she would have had some great boot moccasins if they had been shipped when I ordered them on the 10th. -Warning...do not order from Platinum Costumes online. They have been "processing" the order since the 10th and I even sent instructions on when I needed them by. So now I've canceled that order and will have to scramble around time for a sub.

The other costume is only mostly done. I will leave the cutting design for the fringe up to the owner. Also I left the length a little long so she could decide how short or long. The original pattern had the skirt WAY short. I made Songbirds a little longer than called for.

The other costume is in this yummy coppery shimmery material that was not fun to sew...but looks so pretty. She has a good eye. The slip is a faux crushed velvet. She also gave me some Native American looking ribbon to line the bodice. Nice.

Uncut slip dress and sleeves.
Uncut overdress.
Hopefully it will need minimal adjustments. Songbirds was rather too large so I had to beef up the elastic to fix it.

Whew. So glad that project is done. I won't be volunteering again! LOL!

And speaking of fairies or fae....

I love the Karen Marie Moning Fever series books. If you like fantasy books with fae and druids, etc. you might want to check out her books. The Fever series currently has 4 books out with the final due out this winter. I LOVE them. I've had to shake my fist at my sister-in-law for turning me on to them as I HATE to have to wait on a series to finish. I want to discover the books after they are all written so I can read them back to back, right away. I had to wait on number 4 and now the final, number five.

If you are interested her site is:


She even has some chapters available for you to check out.

And now to conquer the mending pile.



  1. The dresses look great! Good job!

  2. Fabulous job on the dresses. My Mom is going to want to come and kidnap you - she runs a volunteer youth theatre group and always needs help! Make sure you post pics of Songbird IN the costume eventually...
    I will check out those books, but not until after the fifth one is out. I HATE to wait for a book. I try to never start a series until it is completed! It seems you and I have very similar taste in books - it is cracking me up how often we are reading almost the same thing lately!