Saturday, September 20, 2008

Autumns contribution to Keeping It Real

Keeping it real seems to be a popular subject on several of the blogs I read. As a matter of fact I think the first blog post I read was by Angela on keeping it real...and I was hooked on blogs. This last week she had a guest poster that expanded on that theme in a little different way. And we all read it and shook our heads yes and responded with big, You Go Girl!

Heather also did a post on Keeping it real on Wanting What You Have and got such a response that she is sponsoring a Mr. Linky on it. So here's my contribution to what what my house looks like today...and its REAL!

First, you will notice the cabinet doors hanging open in the kitchen. This is enough to drive me to murder. How hard could it be to shut a cabinet door? I mean really?? This is actually not a normal occurrence as it drives me into scary mom mode. I guess it just had to happen because I picked up a camera to show how REAL it is around here.

Excuse the technical difficulties on being right side up. This would be a laundry room where a cabinet has yet to be put up on the wall. The white basket holds all the misc. stuff that needs to be on a shelf or in a cabinet. And its been there for a year and a half.

The reading chair. This would be my number 2 favorite place in the house. I have to fight Mighty Mouse and Songbird off of it. Various people have various books in various states of being read all over the reading chair. And the couch pillows would be at the foot of the chair as Mighty Mouse has been kicked out and made herself a little nest at my feet.

Command central. There is stuff always all over this desk - and even worse...all over my printer (in a spot you aren't supposed to put things even. Notice the overflowing trash can from just paying bills. And this is right off the main room for everyone to see.

My laundry was magically all put away today so I had to hit DH's corner of our room. See the ugly rug his mom made him when he was little...he refuses to give it up. Its orange and yellow. Eeeewww. Under the pillow in the chair is his ratty blanket that Granny made him when he was 4. I can't get rid of that either. It is an ongoing sewing project constantly.

And the best for last....

The GARAGE! Those who know DH will gasp in surprise and horror. That is HIS garage???? NO WAY!

Yes way. Things aren't the same around our household since the back surgery. Plus when your garage is 140 degrees all the time, you just don't work out there!! So ask me about it in January. If its not cleaned up by then he needs to be seriously harrassed!!

So there is my real house. And I have to admit I've been doing Fly Lady and using a Home Management Notebook the last 2 weeks so this is actually quite improved on what it used to look like.

Who else is brave enough to be real?


  1. I love it! It doesn't look messy, it just looks like people live there! Thanks for playing along :)

  2. What a great theme, Autumn! I'm kind of like Monica from the show Friends in that the main areas of my house are almost always tidy, but watch out in some of the closets! =)

  3. I thought your computer area looked very tidy.