Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Autumn asks: Do you have all girl get-a-ways?

Autumn is going on her first all GROWN-UP girl get-a-way. Not me and my girls....me and BIG girls. It's shameful that I've lived this long without ever doing this before. But I guess you can say I'll enjoy it even if it stinks! LOL! The only drawback is that our mom won't be joining us like originally planned.

So, tomorrow I will drive to Austin to pick up my sister, her mother-in-law and her mother-in-laws niece. And then we will head off for our Bed and Breakfast.

Where we will spend the days not worrying about what to cook for dinner. We won't worry about pool towels left on the bedroom floors. We won't have to wipe noses or butts. Noggin will never be heard in the background. I will not drink juice, or milk - I will drink whatever I so please and not have to share. I don't have to clean my plate or coax anyone to clean theirs. I only have to dress myself and do my own hair.

Most importantly...we will be marching off to Round Top. For the Antique fair to beat all Antique fairs. Yes, my friends, 10 miles of barns and tents full of antiques. And, NO KIDS. This means I will not have to use the phrases:

I don't see you.
Where are your hands?
Don't touch.
What did I say?
Are you touching?
That is not for sitting on.
Okay, its for sitting on, but only if you pay for it!!
If you touch that.....
Do you want to sit in the car?
Should we go home RIGHT now??
No, I will not buy that.
What would you do with that?
You have enough junk that you don't take care of.
Did you bring your own money?

Instead I look forward to saying things like....

WHAT is that?
Did you see that??
So! I'm moms favorite so you can have it.
I need it more.
You already have one like that! Give it to me!
Uuhhh...it must be made of gold.... ($$$$)

Just kidding. It will probably be more like..."did you see that guys butt????"

Some cool pics I've found of past Round Top Antique Fairs...

So, I'm off for a few days to enjoy myself. And since the college loan came through yesterday I might even find something to buy!! And maybe I will not. Either way, I'm going to have a blast!


  1. I am so excited for you! Hope you have a GREAT time!!

  2. Autumn- I hope you have a fantastic time! Enjoy yourself. Round Top is really a great place to go, especially this time of year.

  3. What fun!!!!! The place you are staying looks great. Hope I make it to Round Top sometime. An all-girls weekend? I can dream...

  4. Hi Autumn - okay I am ready to come with you! I could use an "all girls vacation" right now. Thanks for all your support! I hope you have a great time! take care, heidi