Friday, October 26, 2012

Not Much To Say Now-a-days

We actually haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I would if I could.....

So a quick update for friends and family...

Torture. Sheer, unadulterated  torture.  After much suffering I finally got the attention that was needed and had Mouse worked with.  Why yes, there is a problem.  So, reading and math have been downgraded a grade. And after the state testing we did get the official letter stating that she is not 3rd grade material.  Wish her old school system that passed her would get that letter (and a fine for passing her too).  Like they would even care. A failing school, is a failing school is a ........

Things have improved with the correct curriculum,  but I don't see her in 4th grade next year. Ohio won't pass her and if we move to another state I still wouldn't try to put her in 4th. She needs the extra time with reading and math. The whole thing is kind of surprising as she is rather smart. We are also looking into a possible disability.

Life in general:
Bank account is almost on E. Looks like we will have made it about a year on our savings. Not bad. With a new President jobs would open back up where Hubs is experienced. Without a new one we could be looking at assistance. But hey, the Dems want that and will have the privileged of paying for it and providing it for us. So life is exactly like it should be, right? That's the bright side of things.

Songbird continues to work and now has a boyfriend. She is also paying for her own drivers ed as we can't help her with it....and she got tired of being without a license. So we should have a driver before much longer. I actually feel kind of lucky that I have dodged that bullet for a year longer than most parents. LOL. See, I can see the bright side of things.

Its getting cold now. Hope all my friends in the storms path stay warm and safe. I didn't buy cold weather clothes or coats for anyone as we had planned on being long gone from here before the cold weather set in.  Guess we are just going to wear things that are too small or just lots of layers. Thank goodness I did not get rid of the scarf/glove/hat box that is in the hall closet. Our ears will stay warm anyways! There is a bright side.

That about covers life. Maybe soon there will be some actual good news to share instead of the bright side of things. LOL!

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