Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Box Full of Maggots

A box full of maggots.


That is what you get when your child blatantly disobeys you and brings a pencil box full of acorns in your house and hides them in the closet for two weeks.

Then said child sneaks them back out and pops open the box in the back yard and you hear the most terrified screaming imaginable issue forth.

But that is nothing compared to the screaming that commences when said child is forced to clean up the mess in the yard and check her closet to ensure there are no escapees.

Hah. She wants to move into the bathroom now.

Poetic justice for disobedience. God IS good.

And that was the text I sent several if my friends. One of which I have never texted on her phone. So she checked with me to ensure it was me. At that time she thanked me because HER daughter had just collected a box which was on the shelf next to her bed.

Crisis averted.

But it gets better.

My friend then posted a blurb about it on FB. It was just a summary so it ended up sounding like the maggots were discovered in my house instead of outside.

And one of her friends then mentioned that there must be more in there than just acorns because maggots go for meat.

So now it's sounding even more gross and I'm sounding like a very nasty skank.

But Heather redeemed me by googling it and informing us all that they weren't maggots after all. They are acorn weevils.

I feel so much better now.

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  1. OH NO!!!!! I wonder what I did with that box of acorns I gathered last year. Guess I better go hunting. UGH.

  2. Oh yuck!
    I take my own trash to the dump (rather then pay for pick-up. That's how cheap I am, plus nobody here offers recycling, and I am an extreme recycler). So, if I don't take every week, I have the potential of having the joy of finding maggots. In the big trashcan, outside, when I am dumping it at the dump. But still, I have to pick up the can and put it into my truck. Blehhh
    I do my very best to go every week. Even if the can isn't full!

  3. Let me tell you a story about a lil girl that went to a lake & gathering shells. Well, the shells had snails in them. No problem, I would just fill the coffee can I had, and then I came back the following weekend, they would have died and I would have my shells.
    I wanted to make a wreath of something for my aunt's mom. She was the one that had the lakehouse and let me come there all the time. I lived with my aunt while my parents were going thru a nasty divorce...we went to the lake every weekend.
    I put my filled coffee can under the steps at the lakehouse.
    Well, long story short, my Dad was playing nasty and suddenly weekends were his.
    I didn't go to the lakehouse for almost the whole summer.
    Meantime, at the lakehouse...
    everyone was going crazy from this horrible stench coming from SOMEwhere-unlike anything they've smelled there.
    It ended up where they had to call an exterminator thinking something died in the walls. All the saw when they looked under the house was an old coffee can (yes, I know you are "getting it" perhaps squirming a bit).
    After looking in the walls, and finding nothing, the exterminator was baffled. He went under the house again, thinking maybe an animal buried something.
    This time, he picked up the coffee can and just about puking, came out from under the house where even the neighbors had gathered by now.
    It. was. my. can. of. seashells ala maggoty snails.
    Needeless to say, I wasn't allowed back to that house for years.
    When I did go back, this time, newly married- I brought Nanny a beautfil handmade seashell wreath sans the snails!
    *As kids we do have good intentions LOL

  4. Oops, forgot to mention that where the exterminator found the can, it was wedged between between a little hole in the wall-something had dragged that can there, from under the steps where I had put them.

  5. Mon Cherie!!! That is the best ever story!!! I think I know the type of snail and shell you are talking about so I can well imagine the stink!! Haha!