Friday, May 4, 2012

What Is It......

...with girls today and the OBSESSION with make-up at an extremely young age?????

Mouse has been totally obsessed since kindergarten.

And I'm surprised at the number of girls her age that have been walking around in nail polish and with make-up since then.  Now, by the second grade, you are some kind of back woods country cousin if you don't have your own arsenal of make-up.

How did this happen?

When did people start ignoring the health factors involved?  My 8 year old can't hardly remember to brush her own teeth, let alone take chemicals off her skin -- the largest organ of our body.

And I personally have a high toxic level of acetate and acetone in my system. Guess where that came from? Nail polish and remover.  And I didn't start until high school people.

At home we will allow Mouse to have lip gloss.  That's it. No eye make-up. No anything else.

But whenever there is an overnight or a party......THIS is what comes home.

I took one look at her this time and had the overwhelming urge to scream "I wanna rock!!!!" (Insert headbanging.) Dee Snider would be proud.

If the kid is going to mack out like this she needs to find some Asian friends with a clue.  White people make-up just isn't going to cut it.


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