Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Blessings

It's funny how a simple box of produce...

...can remind you that God is watching...even when you don't think he is anymore.

I am thankful of this gift of food at a time when all food money is coming out of a savings account that is slowing fading away.  Well, maybe not that slowly.  

It's the little blessings like this that always seem to mean the most in the end.

And let me go ahead and mention at this point that if you grow vegetables and end up with an abundance that you don't have time to eat or process -- please consider taking them to your local food pantry. I PROMISE you it will bring someone great joy and blessings. 

(We came by this abundance not because we go to a food pantry (yet) but because a local pantry was gifted with thousands of pounds of fresh produce that they couldn't use up -- and someone that was given boxes of food then passed on to others. A big, big thank you to Jen for her generosity!) 

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