Sunday, July 31, 2011

Home Again


It's always so good to be home.  Although we all agree there is something about the drive back here that is rougher than any other drive we've made over the years.  My theory is that it is because we are just not grounded here like the other places.  I spend most of my time alone in my home (working on stuff....that's not a poor me statement) instead of investing myself in relationships.  We didn't buy a house so we just stay in crappy rental property.  I'm not working.  And on and on.

It's still good to walk into my own "home" and sleep in my own bed.

And our wonderful house-sitter took care of the big dog and the plants.  I even came home to our first good harvest.  As we were leaving we were on the verge of having a crop of ripe tomatoes.  We had our fingers crossed that we wouldn't lose the plants while we were away. Our sitter did a great job and all is well. We do need a deep feeding for the poor plants though.

We had a great trip dragging Bones through both grandparents houses. They hadn't seen him in awhile. So even though it was a real quick trip with just a day or two at each stop, it was well worth it to connect our son with his family.

So now we are home. I am worn out.  Mouse is doing well with the cast but it was an uncomfortable trip for her.  We keep her inside in the air conditioning as the itching is torturous for her.  Luckily she is only in it for three weeks before we re-xray.  I think I'll take her into a salon for a shampoo soon -- that is the only thing we really can't do with the washing.  Loving baking soda right now as I am using it as a dry shampoo.  Works like a charm pulling the greasy look out.

So I'm back to the sewing room to finish up a project.  Mid August I'll do the big reveal. I'm so close to being done finally.  Eight months in the making.

But today I think I'll take a nap.

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  1. EVERY time we have left NE, the sight and smell of the corn fields has signaled "home" to my heart. This time, that feeling came as soon as I saw the mountains and left when we returned to the flat land. I wonder what God is doing...