Friday, February 13, 2009

Autumn Asks: What Cartoon Family Did You Grow Up In?

It's not a trick question.

I grew up in a cartoon family.

Can you guess which one?

The Flintstones.

No kidding.

My dad was that big guy, loud, with the big nose. They had the same fashion sense too. Not kidding. Although dad usually ended up with some crazy stripes instead of spots.

See what I mean?

Dad's favorite sports? Fishing and bowling. Grew up very familiar with the bowling alleys. Mom and dad were always in leagues. I always stank. Still do. But still have loads of fun going with my kids.
Mom was always looking put together.

Remember when people "dressed" to do anything? That's how I found out I was busted once. Came home and she was "dressed". Asked her where she went. To the school. Seems she got a phone call from one of my teachers that was very concerned that I might be in a devil worshiping cult. True story. I'm laughing my butt off just thinking of it. Maybe I'll share at another time...and then again maybe I won't!

Mom was also very much a home maker. And she worked. But our house was always kept up so nice. Dinners were almost always home cooked meals from scratch. She was great about making sure we had balanced meals. A forgotten art nowadays. Plus she sews. REALLY sews. The coolest stuff. I think she even made our swimsuits some years.


She's tough. A tall Texas woman and military brat to boot. Don't piss her off. She has a mean streak. I come by it honest. Manners and etiquettte of a true lady....but watch out. Go too far...
And did I mention dad was loud??? Even his sneezes used to rock the chandeliers of the upstairs and downstair neighbors.
See that expression? It was not hard to push him to that point. For some reason I figured out how to be a pro at it. Livin on the edge.
That's actually a smile.

And then there was pebbles. Without the hair. Poor kid.
Yep. That's my cartoon family. I probably don't have to tell you how weird it was for me as a kid when this show came on. I actually didn't like watching it as it creeped me out. Still does.


  1. What a fun analogy! I love the photos and the cartoon pictures to go with them.

  2. That was great. PlEASE share your devil worshiping experience! :) Love the pic of you, Pebbles!

  3. This is a truly hilarious post! Love it!

  4. This is absolutely hilarious! where did you find pics that illustrate your points so well! You cracked me up about your father's expression actually being a smile. So glad to have found you, came over from Suburb Sanity.