Thursday, November 10, 2011

Road Trip PartII

After an overnight in Canton we got up and hit this road again.  This time...
...Good morning Cleveland!  Which was only an hour up the road.  And with the time change we got there a little early.  No problem as I wanted to see the Great Lake.  I have never been to see a Great Lake before and it was on my bucket list. Checked off.

What I didn't realize on a crisp November morning...was that I had left mine and Mouses winter coats hanging in the hotel closet.

Oh yes I did.

But it didn't stop me.

Mouse wasn't thrilled.

 But soon it was time for ...
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame...
Who knew Ohio was so cool?  I guess I missed that since its mostly on the other side of the state! LOL!

And yes we did stop at the hotel on the way home and pick up our coats. It was only 20 miles out of the way so I didn't feel so bad. Cheaper to drive it than have them mailed to the house.

And that was our wonderful, spur of the moment fall vacation.

And a big shout out to Dave Ramsey and his Financial Peace budgeting program....because that way of life made it easy to pull the cash from various places and do this without running up a credit card.

And that just makes it so much better.

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  1. Football and rock n' roll...what more could you ask for?