Monday, June 27, 2011

7 Days and 6 Nights

The Good:
Fireflies lighting up our glen like fairy lights every night. Just beautiful.
Low Ropes Course
Sewing silly monsters
Reverse tie-dye
Night hike and banana boats
Sand volleyball
Candle making
Swimming every day
High Ropes
Sleeping under the stars
Parachute games
The sleep walker DID NOT walk!
A trip home mid week for a shower when a parent came out to spell me!

The Bad:
One camper in tears before we even reached the camp.
One camper up all but 2 hours on the first night. Yawn.
Homesick campers
Rainstorms - with two trips to the lodge due to dangerous storms
Climbing heart attack hill to reach the dinning hall a minimum for 3x daily.

The Ugly:
Spiders bigger than my hand in all the tents.....every night....and a camp full of girl afraid of them.
Passing out more meds than a nursing home on a daily basis.
One camper who refused to use the latrines and screamed and cried about it.
Lots of fights between lots of girls.
One camper whose nickname should be "cry baby"

But all was trumped by Pepe Le Pew.  Yes. Yes. We had a STINKY camper.  So bad we changed tents half way through the week to give tent mates a break. And we ended up drawing straws to see who had to put her in their car on the way home.  You know I lost right?????

Oh. My. Word.  And we never could exactly figure out WHAT the smell was. What was it like you ask? Well, it was like a combo of dirty butt, sweaty feet, mildew and a "soiled" sleeping bag.  Not that it was any of those things....but thats what it smelled like.  I thought I would barf on the way home.  (I suspect that it was coming out of her pores...she takes meds every day.)

I did crash and burn half way through the week. I have a foot with numb toes and I was in serious pain by Wednesday. I even skipped dinner to avoid climbing the hill again.  I'm being sent to a neurologist -- but government health care means that it will be July before I am seen. I didn't expect the pain for all the camping since the foot is numb.

But I survived.

And Wed-Friday this week I do it all over again with the little girls.



  1. AndieJohnsonsewsJune 27, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    Bless your patient, loving, adventurous heart! You are more of a woman than I, me dear. I used to think I was totally bad a** when I drove 4 pre-teen boys to hockey games 2 states away and drove home smelling their funk in weather so cold that putting the windows down wasn't an option. You win. Prayers for you for round 2!

  2. Your description of "the smell" had me cracking up! I've smelled that exact smell, usually after long car trips for "vacation." And I use that term very, very loosely.